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Voluntary Climate Protection: Cerbios’ Certificate of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency

Lugano / Barbengo, March 15 2012

It is with great pleasure that Cerbios received in February the “Certificate of voluntary protection of the environment”.

The Certificate is issued to companies that take on a commitment in favor of the environment. This Certificate is the result of a project started several years ago and conducted by our Engineering Division.

Cerbios became interested in this topic in 2002 in the context of its new building concept which addressed corporate growth, based on available resources while respecting the environment.

The original project included the implementation of a new concept for the production and distribution of utilities, including energy in the form of steam, to all users starting from a central point (Technical building).

This concept allowed us to modernize the existing structures and incorporate the new buildings planned.

During the past several years, Cerbios’ expansion continued with the creation of a new Fermentation building, the revamping of the finishing plant for Probiotics, the construction of a building harboring  Warehouse/Offices/QC labs, and finally the completion of a large scale HPAI Production building.

The economical management of utilities is based on the measurement of the number of hours and consumption of energy of the heavy machinery within Cerbios. For this purpose, we installed measurement devices in various locations on site for all critical parameters, such as electrical energy, gas, water, compressed air, steam and a centralized control of the air-conditioning system. These values are monitored at regular intervals and compared with the requirements contained in the “Convention on the protection of the environment” and are handled within “Project Agency Energy”, a partner of Swiss Energy.

“Thanks to the system in place, we can work on continuous improvements in the reduction of emissions having also the important side effect of identifying the critical components that are energy consuming and either replace them with the newest state-of-the-art ones or work on upgrading them” confirms Cerbios’ CEO Gabriel Haering. “Last but not least, with the costs of energy continuously rising we were able to contain them within more acceptable values”.

For more information, please visit the Agency website www.aenec.ch (German only).

About Cerbios-Pharma SA

Cerbios is a privately held company located in Lugano, Switzerland, that specializes in the development and manufacture of both chemical and biological APIs for its partners world-wide.

Exclusive, third-party manufacturing services are offered by the Chemical Division for HPAIs and by the Biological Division for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and pharma probiotics.

Cerbios provides full CMC support to its world-wide partners, including the supply of cGMP clinical batches, registration/validation material and commercially manufactured APIs. Paramount to this is the ability to supply all of the technical documentation and support necessary for a successful registration. Cerbios’ commercial products are marketed worldwide but primarily in Europe, USA, Japan and India.
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