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Cerbios' new R&D Centre for HPAI and mAb development officially opened.

Lugano, February 15 2016

The opening ceremony was held on February the 15th in the presence Hon. Christian Vitta, Minister for Economy in the Canton Ticino, and his staff, Mr. Marco Borradori, Mayor of Lugano, Dr. Giorgio Calderari, President of Farma Industria Ticino, and Mr. Stefano Modenini, Director of the Association of Ticino's Industries.

The official speeches highlighted the importance of new investments despite the general difficult economic situation. During the past 15 years, Cerbios has heavily invested in infrastructures, in acquisitions and company participations driven by innovation and differentiation. This has not only more than doubled the company turnover which has also doubled the number of employees, but has also generated value in the area, confirming a strong sustainability approach that will be validated this summer with the first sustainability report.

The President of Farma Industria Ticino (Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries in the Swiss Canton of Ticino) has also highlighted the excellence of our sector with an average yearly investment of over 190 million Swiss Francs for ~3’000 employees within canton Ticino. Sustainability is important but it must be supported by the government and its politicians.

Christian Vitta, Minister of Economy of the Canton Ticino, was proud to participate at the event and visit Cerbios for the first time. The Life Science industry in Ticino is important for the Canton which is also investing in the new center for the world-known Institute for Research in Biomedicine (http://www.irb.usi.ch/) in Bellinzona, operative by the end of 2020.


From left to right: Marco Borradori (Lugano Mayor); Christian Vitta (Minister of Economy, Canton Ticino); Gabriel Haering (Cerbios' CEO); Anton Van Troostenburg (Cerbios' President).

Finally, the Mayor of Lugano, Mr. Marco Borradori, reminded everybody that Cerbios was awarded second place at the Swiss Venture Club Award in 2015 (see also News 03/2015), an award given to companies that excel in Innovation, Sustainability, Leadership and Impact on the local economy.

After the official speeches and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, all participants made a tour of the R&D Centre to see the state-of the-art facilities.

The construction of the investment was approved in November 2013 and started in April 2014. Thanks to a favorable climate, with almost no rain, the roof was built before Christmas 2014.

Between January to October 2015 all interior was installed and the two HVACs on the roof (one fully dedicated to the CHO Biotechnology laboratories) were tested and put in operation.

The new building consists of four floors of 280m2 each (total 1’120m2 ~12’000 sq ft).

2nd Floor Biological R&D, with three dedicated laboratories for the development of mAbs and/or recombinant proteins based on CHO mammalian cells and a large laboratory to develop pharmaceutical probiotics.

1st Floor new additional GMP Archive, offices for the directors and for the managers of R&D and Quality Assurance

Ground Floor Chemical R&D, doubling the capacity to develop HPAIs (also known as HPAPIs) for contract manufacturing services including Safebridge® Category 4.

Underground Two warehouses (one for R&D and one for production) and the personnel services.

The last lab technicians took possession of their new labs only recently, as they had important projects to finish in the “old” labs.

About Cerbios-Pharma SA

Cerbios is a privately held company located in Lugano, Switzerland, that specializes in the development and manufacture of both chemical and biological APIs for its partners world-wide.

Exclusive, third-party manufacturing services are offered by the Chemical Division for HPAIs and by the Biological Division for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and pharma probiotics.

Cerbios provides full CMC support to its world-wide partners, including the supply of cGMP clinical batches, registration/validation material and commercially manufactured APIs. Paramount to this is the ability to supply all of the technical documentation and support necessary for a successful registration. Cerbios’ commercial products are marketed worldwide but primarily in Europe, USA, Japan and India.
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